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Lives of the First World War will bring material from museums, libraries, archives and family collections from across the world together in one place. IWM needs your help to explore those documents, to link them together and to start telling the stories of those who served in uniform and worked on the home front.

Since its foundation in 1917, IWM has continued to ensure that people understand the impact of this global conflict and how it shaped the world we live in today. By the end of the centenary we will have built the permanent digital memorial to more than 8 million men and women from across Britain and the Commonwealth and saved their stories for future generations.

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Lives of the First World War is part of IWM's First World War Centenary programme.
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Do you have photos and other memorabilia at home? There is no need to send them to IWM. Create digital images of the material, and when the site goes live you can upload it to a person's life story page. You can keep your precious mementoes and share the images with the world.

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